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 The AP Code tells a story of Artax Park city, ghost city in a middle of a nowhere using not only a language of art, but a language of music. The AP Code is an independent unique concept art project, that defies borders of a comic book genre and notions of a conceptual songs.

The AP World

Artax Park City is a place that’s not any different from other cities. It is sometimes grey and cruel, sometimes bright and beautiful. It seems like everyone in the world forgot about Artax Park. Some even say it is a legend, fairytale, but they are wrong. The citizens of Artax Park city isolated themselves in their own world, with it’s own politics, criminals, business and code. No one ever left the city for some reason. Is it because Artax is perfect? Probably not, but it has almost supernatural charm in it. It attracts people, who want to start a new life and Artax gives them a chance.
All stories start and end here in Artax Park City!

All Chapters Have A Soundtrack



The Jorney starts here. Be a part of it!

Our Projects

Comic Book & Graphic Novels

The AP Code is a story of Alex Pak, ordinary young man. Who after a strange car accident finds himself in mysterious Artax Park city. The city with no coordinates and references. Alex will find out that Artax Park has too many dangerous secrets. Secrets that can break his life…


Is another story from the streets of Artax Park. Young Aiden goes rogue on local gangs called «Sun of the rising sun can» after they killed his wife and daughter. His hatred is strong that he could do anything. Will he?


An anthology of stories from different parts and eras of Artax Park’s history. City legends, ancient myths and a history of real people’s lives in Artax Park. You’ll never know what you can find in our city.