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    The AP World

    Welcome to Artax Park City!

    Artax Park City is a place that's not any different from other cities. It is sometimes grey and cruel, sometimes bright and beautiful. It seems like everyone in the world forgot about Artax Park. Some even say it is a legend, fairytale, but they are wrong. The citizens of Artax Park city isolated themselves in their own world, with it's own politics, criminals, business and code. No one ever left the city for some reason. Is it because Artax is perfect? Probably not, but it has almost supernatural charm in it. It attracts people, who want to start a new life and Artax gives them a chance.
    All stories start and end here in Artax Park City! And you can be part of it!


    Alex Pak

    Alex Pak is in love with a girl that loves him back only when it suits her. They fight, love, and stumble their way through life together in this world and the next. Alex gives everything he has to fix the broken things between them, but it’s not always an easy task; not when he’s juggling money problems, or a thriving music career, or the threat of execution. But through every downfall, every setback, he fights to keep the two of them together—even if failure is almost guaranteed.



    Christy will do anything to hold Alex’s attention, whether that means leaving him behind, always wanting her, or destroying everything he has. She promises him the world with angel eyes and the curling of cherry lips, then takes it all away, only to find herself lost without him. No matter the depth of her destruction, the surety with which she cuts him loose, she always comes back—no matter what.

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    David Block

    David Block is a billionaire businessman. He is a CEO of NYSO inc., the biggest high technology developing company in the world. They produce everything from video games to robotic and AI technologies. Every now and then David Block makes huge donations to Artax Park's biggest charity funds. He supports education, medicine, help homeless and orphans. Most of the people love him, but some say that he's not who he seems to be. There were rumors about his involvement in some huge weapon and drugs contraband cases in Artax. But those are only rumors. For Artax Park he is a philanthropist, a family man and a celebrity.

  • An excellent blend of story and music, not an easy thing to pull off, great stuff! - Terry Latham

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  • Alex Pak: Alex Pak
  • Producer, manager:  Eugene Ermachkov
  • Sound engineer:  Dmitriy Kalugin
  • Marketing manager: Andrew Apanov
  • Writers: Shannon Eden, Iram Khalid
  • Art designer:  Daria Pirozhnikova
  • VFX: Andrew Titov

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