I am a wanderer of mightiest mountains and a diver in the blue, orange and black skies. Can you hear the screech of the Eag under my body? Eag is my wings; its yellow beak is my angelic sword and its sharp eye is my vast vision. Eag is my pet eagle who is in the habit to accompany his maestro in his each flight. May be he is too scared to experience the world on its own. The pain, cruelty and destiny are bigger than its own fierce bill.

I have taken high flights to see how the karma works; and deep dives to see the swaying shadows on faces of good and evil_ and I have seen the lives changing; and also I have glided through snowy and volcano dreams on the back of my great Eag.

Through my useless and useful journeys, I have let go of things I can’t bear; ignored stupidity and left behind the wise words that ended wrongly. But I can’t forget him_ Alex, with his eyes so bright yet so wild.

I had to respond to him; I had to write to him. The broken dreams in his eyes writhed like a burning soul in pain.

I confess, I stole a woman’s necklace that contained the letter “L”. I cut through countless dreams to reach him. Dear reader, I tried to warn him before too, if you remember. He had seen everything in the girl he loved: her smile, her big shiny eyes, her soft voice, her willingness to help him in the most difficult situations, also the minutest gestures that gave impressions of her loving him back_ but he didn’t see one thing in her; it was “Life”.

And now when she has shown him the meaning of “Life”; she doesn’t have it. So now I have to send him the letter. I have to fly to him on the back of my Eag tell him why he is where he is.

“Ever heard the word Karma, Alex? Yes my letter starts from there. They say you are served as you deserved. I watched you from the height, when a version of yourself cut a young girl’s wrist_ too bad the real Christy saw that. You don’t remember, but the gods do. Too bad, the real Christy thought high of you; you were the best in your boss’ eyes.

And Christy, the real Christy, she was the best for you. Only if you hadn’t let her see the blood that splashed out of the girl’s young arm. And so, that was the time, the first time when she went to question her father.

Oh yes, that is what you did. Snatched lives_ if you remember.

But Alex, maybe you weren’t there. You think you have forgotten all, may be that all didn’t exist when you existed.

Do not blame yourself for what happened; I have seen things you haven’t. May be I have seen your Christy dead for more than once.

May be I have seen you_ dead.

Ever wondered?

Are you original?

Let it go Alex_ she might come again.”

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