While my eyes tried to find some horizons, mind was still racing to find arguments that could help me accept the reality. It was the darkest dark all around me. The perfect definition of black! Yes I was floating in the middle of the space and the vastness was enough to devour me alive.

I was looking for my Earth, my home, a ray of hope for life; but there was absolutely nothing, not even TIME. I don’t know how long it took to assure myself that I was all helpless and any effort to find a way out of it would be in vain. Leaving myself in the hands of destiny, I closed my eyes and let my body feel the queer depths of infinity before I die. I remembered I was working on my project for solar system for presentation in grand competition but coming here in this expanse was completely unreasonable. I was lost in my thoughts when I felt a twitch in my legs. There was something pulling me towards itself and I let my body go in that direction.

A perfect white light! So much beautiful that I just wanted to enter and get lost in it. But as I came near, I saw that it was some planet like our Earth sparkling like a bunch of billions of pearls, illustrating the beauty of perfection. Without any control over myself I was flying towards it and when my soles rested on its surface they could fell the sheer softness underneath as if it was some blanket of pure wool.  The sky was dark maybe it was night time and unlike Earth, I could see four moons in all four directions changing their positions quite visibly. In the urge of finding someone else, I moved forward! A grand cavernous rainbow door was right in front of me. One after another, I crossed all the colors of rainbow and entered into an altogether different place.

Is it a paradise? Lush green in color, colossal in extent and impeccable in beauty! It was a bright day here; even then shining stars could be seen in the sky. But, there was something wrong that was spotting the beauty of such flawless piece of heaven here in the space- the big black pits and holes. As I moved around I found some very abysmal and frightening. To avoid some unexpected hidden pits, I moved carefully. Oh I was very hungry and I could see something like a bunch of grapes hanging very low on a tree. But before I could reach for it, the sky changed it color and turned all red. A deafening rumble made me cover my head and ears. Although I did not dare to look up at the sky, but I could sense that something really bad is going to happen. All of a sudden a huge burning meteor fell ahead of me and immersed deep into the green land. Then came another followed by a rain of meteors. I started running apace to keep myself alive but where was the space to hide? Suddenly I lost my balance, fell on the ground and lost my conscious. When I opened my eyes I was all sweating and legs were hurting as if I have been running for long. I could hear the chattering sounds of crockery from dining room. Dinner was ready. Was it a dream? I asked myself. O well! I still doubt it!

Nightmare. <–
– 3rd dream. <–