It started 6 months ago, like everything unexpected happens accidently; the new home we dearly moved into, turned into our worst nightmare.

On day 1, Anne bang opened the door after turning the golden knob and ran through one room to the other. I followed my older steps and hands full of heavy luggage bags; I moved slower but more organized than her thrilled exploration.

“Anne, be careful, staircase is towards the left” Sarah’s motherly advice echoed through the unfurnished room. I let the mother and the daughter do their chasing and exploration of the new home; carefully kept the big boxes in corners and roamed to the kid’s pink bedroom. Some of the furniture had been casually kept here and there.

The sunlight was directly illuminating the bits of the room and I would never have noticed any light problems in such sunshine; yet something made me stop at my place. At the wall towards the bedside, there was a wall hanging bulb. I wouldn’t know who had turned it on during the day, but a small running electric spark in it nearly made me worry about it.

The light glowed like alive waves rush and thrust over themselves repeatedly in agonized groans.

As I moved my eyes to the base, I could observe rust growing on the freshly painted wall.

What was that? A question mark stayed in my mind even after I had to shift my attention to my sweet family laughter.

That night when I went to give Anne a goodnight kiss, my eyes again moved to the bulb that was smoothly illuminated without any sparks. As I gave my baby a kiss, I found her staring at the bulb too. Still, the next day I checked the bulb physically and found no fault.

My question mark stayed in some of my deep dark corners anyway.

Anne seemed to be obsessed with her new bedroom, which was in fact just in front of ours. We let her decorate her pink room; sometimes we were forced to stay out too.

One day, I woke up in the morning, and lazily yawned without opening my eyes. Half side of my bed was empty; I could hear Sarah talking to Anne in her room. She was luring her into sleep again, as it was Sunday and I knew that Sarah needed to spend the morning with me. “Go to sleep, my little angel” Her motherly murmur reached my ears.

I just smiled and waited for Sarah to come back in lingerie after putting Anne to sleep.

After sometime, to my surprise the other door to the backyard banged open and Sarah appeared from the backyard with a bunch of fresh flowers in her hands.

“Darling! See what I got for you.” Sarah smiled while my cornea dilated in horror.

If she was in the backyard, who was in Anne’s room? I panicked and rushed to Anne.

I found her sitting and looking at her front.

Months have passed; the home changed; Anne sleeps between us now.


When we get up in the morning, she is mostly found sleeping under the bed.

– 3rd dream. <–