“Wise men say we harvest what we plow, do you believe in that?” Shane paused her walking feet at her own question to Brandon.

“I guess, billions of people cannot be subjected to one philosophy”

“What do you believe in about destiny?” she asked. Brandon turned to his right where a stream ran in a direction opposite to theirs. He picked a bigger stone from many and threw in the stream with force. The stone disappeared into the unseen depth, leaving a few bubbles on the surface that were soon burst and gone.

“I believe, I threw a stone in the water and it is gone. You see it’s whole scientific_ if you call it the destiny of the stone, well you can”

“Mira did exactly the same.” Shane turned face away from the running water and focus at the dying sunset that directly fell upon her blonde face and seemed to be penetrating into her translucent blue eyes.

“Why people keep talking about Mira’s suicide in the town? I have heard it in the news too. It said: Mira becomes the symbol of modern feminism_ seriously?”

“You have read the full story about her”

“Of course. A girl suicides because she doesn’t want to live; she is sick and can’t stand the pain. Where is the optimism in that?”

“Oh kid, you do not know everything.”

“I am new here.”

“Well, you aren’t new in the world.” Shane picked a stone this time, and threw it in the stream, “You see? I threw a stone in the stream and it is gone”

“Just like I said and I did…”

“See again, kid, I threw a stone and it is gone_ I threw it_ I…”

“Can you stop playing riddles Shane?”

Shane sighed and then let out an empty laughter to add a lighter nod to their discussion.

“Mira was a dancer, a stripper to be exact. She used to spend her nights in the Artax Park Sitey Club. Her moves were unique and steps were dangerous. She rolled around the pole like a snake and made sure that her top stretched against her skin to let only half of her nipples exposed.”

“Oh my…” Brandon bit lips and slowed down to put his most focus on the imagery.

“Without a doubt, she earned more than any other stripper there. Her ability and moves were exquisite. She used to gather the whole amount and spend her days switching from an old home to brothels.”


“More she seduced men, more she knew them. She once said: love is all a play to be played and I know the rules. The town knew of her activities. They were interested in her curves. That’s all she had ever showed”

“She didn’t have a family?”

“Dead in the war. Without family and wishes, what would you do of money? She spent that on the old ones, lonely kids and single parents.”

“That is such an angel of mercy”

“No, she said she would find happiness if she makes others happy. But you see the destiny of stones_ without roots; they either fall into nothingness or are thrown to seek a pleasure of seeing some bubbles emerging.

The poor woman fell into love. A prince charming, who promised her marriage and pushed her into the mouth of sickness.”

“I do not believe that” Brandon was astonished.

“She didn’t either. She followed him bare feet as his cart moved fast out of her sight. The streets heard her screams. The brothels, she had helped; stood silent and naked and dead for her.

She dragged herself to the old home; there old people stayed away from her because they were all already weak to resist any germs.”

“Where did the bastard go?” Brandon quenched his fists in anger.

“He returned one day. He returned when her syringe was already emptied into her veins. And her blood had overflowed_ ran out of the corner of her dry lips_ her eyes devoid of their sparkle to glow at seeing him back… and her last hopes already dead long ago.”

“My heart cries, Shane. He should have been murdered instead.” Brandon blinked eyes fast to hold back some moisture.

Shane smiled at softly ruffled his hair.

“Alas! Leaving someone isn’t a crime, my boy. Throwing garbage in bins or stones in the streams_ is also not a crime.”

Brandon couldn’t speak but only looked into the plain stream where there were bubbles emerging a while ago.

And they were not there anymore.

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