“Her eyes were dark grey_ with a shadow of sparkle like the sky in the nights. As she flapped her thick veil of lashes over them, one would want to keep staring and counting the shades of black and grey they carried within the iris.” Mr. Mandy sighed and shook his head as he further dived into the imagery of the maiden being discussed, “She was an ace among the beauties of Artax Park. Not the man’s fault man, not the man’s fault!”

Davis sipped from his cup of coffee while listening to the guide’s description of a young blood. His cup was now half gone down his throat, but his heart wasn’t a bit satisfied by what he had up till now_ the coffee was not strong enough nor the description was hot enough. He aimlessly pushed the un-burnt pieces of wood into the fireplace.

“So. What about boobs?” Davis spoke in a more secretive tone. Mr. Mandy burst into a suppressed chuckle and completely hid his mouth with his right hand. His body laughed more than his throat.

“You son of a… oh those round mounds they were always visible from the top, no matter how narrow was her neckline”

“Wow, she was truly beautiful”

“Trust me we countrymen would hide in a tree that opened to her room and tried to sneak in her bath with minutest of holes”

“Did you see anything?” Davis restlessly put a leg over other and sipped larger from his cup.

“No, the lamp was dim and the Colonel made it sure that each hole of his house was filled with cement. He hated ants”

“F_ ants.” Davis was bored again.

“Yes. F_ F_ F_ haha… but that story ain’t that simple.” Mr. Mandy changed his tone from thrilled into gloomy, “There was this man Major Thomas, he didn’t need to peek through holes.”

“Why not?”

“Because he was passed through the walls, Jasmine loved the boy and she often let him in through the window to her room.”

“Oh I see, that’s really saddening for others” Davis rolled up eyes while his mind imagined hard screams of love making in the room.

“You bet he was such a handsome piece of art as if crafted by Michelangelo and brought to life in an extremely…”

“Oh please!” Davis cut him in the middle, “I am straight, no need to praise him. You can rather say he was just like me”

A long pause of silence followed. Mr. Mandy gazed upon him quietly then slowly resumed,

“No man would like be him.” Mandy stood up and walked towards the window, looked out at the falling snow that appeared as glittering grey in the night.

“He was Colonel’s favorite dude until one day, out of jealousy, his fast friend Daniel, filled Colonel’s ear about the affair.”

“Oh…” Davis turned head towards Mandy.

“Major Thomas came to training camp one day. He had a good day. He slept in the night and woke up the next morning with some blood drops on his front.”

“Darn! He killed somebody?”

“Everybody said so. He was hanged for killing a junior who was found raped in the ass”

“But that’s not true, is it? Where’s Jasmine now?”

“She died the next day of her marriage to Daniel. She was gang done on her wedding night”

“Alas!” Davis couldn’t say a word for long time. He stood up and started to pack his bags for the coming day, ties and neatly wrapped shirts kept opening up and falling down. Some of the wood was again left un-burnt from corners; coffee mug was spilt and the perfect looking scenery outside had unwanted creatures walking in the wild.

Mr. Mandy silently walked towards his room when he heard the last words of the night:

“Next time, don’t tell me a real story Mr. Mandy.”

Next legend “Suicide girl”? <—-